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PinellasPascoParanormal/Hostile Haunts Specialists

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Testimonials from our clients and associates...

 Some of these folks don't mind listing their names and others do, so I am listing them according to what they wanted known, and respect their privacy. This page is new , I will be listing these testimonials here from time to time. Since I have never listed them before, I have not saved personal thank you emails and such in the past. I will be saving them in the future to add to this page. Some of these came from email, some from the forum etc.

Hi Laurie,

I wanted to take a moment to say thankyou to you and to your daughter for your expertise and your invaluable help. In one day and your advice calmed down a paranormal problem that we could no longer handle. A trip to a so-called Spiritualist Camp didn't help, and my own research telling me to use Holy Water and a Sage smudge actually made things worse! I never knew you could piss ghosts off, but apparantly I did... I have to smile as I write this because in 34 years of marriage, a 20 year career in the U.S. Air Force working in precision measurement and as an analyst, my husband and I never thought we would be searching for help from a Paranormal expert. My husband Stan has always been the type of man who - although he would like to think there is something "out there", he would have to see it for himself to believe it. Well, he did. And I did. Many, many times. I guess the old saying is true - be careful what you wish for... Although we still have the occasional "walk-through", which is fine with both my husband and I, we have none of the hostile or negative entities we had before. Our home has been peaceful for the first time in almost 8 weeks. So again Laurie - thankyou! Thankyou for your time with us, your patience in explaining everything that was happening so we could finally understand not only what - but why this was going on, and most of all, helping us to remedy the situation. Please feel free to use our contact information if someone wants a reference. We would be glad to help. Your Fans, Stan and Lisa Sigelbaum Pembroke Pines, Fl.

My Daughter became the target of a spirit called Frank. She could not only see him,but could hear and converse with him. She described him as around twenty years old, and very tall. Everytime she said he was with her, I would get a feeling of euphoria that could not be described in words. Frank had told my Daughter that a mean man with a funny mustache made them wear a star on both Frank's and his Uncle's arms. The mean man had his followers take Frank and his Uncle out into a field and shoot them. Frank seemed to be a goodhearted spirit. When we moved, he followed. My Daughter was six years old when all of this began. As she got older, Frank became mean, and began yelling at her and throwing the blankets off her bed. My Father, whom according to my Daughter, talked to her everyday (he passed away in 2002), intervened and removed Frank. My Father told my Daughter that after he took Frank away, that he would not be coming back. She never spoke of Frank, and said she no longer saw my Father.

I will continue this into the next post

Tim H.


CONTINUED With Frank behind us, our house was quiet for about six weeks. After (4) months, My Daughter refused to sleep in her room. She shared a room with her older sister, but that did not change anything for her. She was silent to the things that were happening to her.After a week of her being in the living room, I awoke from a dead sleep, and in my doorway, I saw a shadow in the form of what seemed to be an elderly woman in a dress, and the outline of a brimmed hat. I was amazed that after about two minutes of staring her down, that she remained. I laid back down, then looked to the door, and she was gone. A few nights later, my oldest daughter came into my bedroom crying,she was shaking me telling me to wake up. I sat up and asked what was wrong. She said there was a shadow of a person about three foot tall standing over her. It was rocking back and forth in a manacing fashion. She said when she looked at it and began to cry, it vanished. The very next night, It paid a visit to my bedroom door- We had a stare down for two to three minutes. Laughingly enough, I laid back down and said -"whatever". I was determined to show it that I was not afraid of it.

Sadly, from this point, things began to escalate........ CONTINUED

Tim H.


CONTINUED- It was a matter of days, that the house felt very "bad". The air was very heavy, and as soon as we would enter the house, we would have a sense of sadness and hoplessness. Both my kids and myself became very short with each other. My kids became total enemies. In the following days, we had shadow figures around (6) ft. tall passing by the windows outside the house, doors opening and closing by themselves, and my youngest Daughter started to withdraw from the world. The final straw that set my youngest daughter off was while sleeping on the couch, she was awoken by a bright blue light. It was an orb about the size of a softball. It quickly grew in diameter to cover nearly the entire sliding glass door in a matter of seconds. At that point, my daughter heard what sounded like two little girls giggling and talking illegibly as if they were walking to her. As the voices got right next to the couch, the voices stopped, and the orb shrank and dissapeared. Terrified, my Daughter woke me up, and begged me to get help.

Pinellas Pasco Paranormal came to investigate our house, and found that we had spirits both inside and outside the house. After the investigation, she cleansed my house, and she educated my kids and myself on what happened, and the do's and the don't's. We

Tim H.


CONTINUED We have been living happy ever since. We still have some experiences, but after what we went through, we don't live in fear-no fuel for them. Thank you Laurie