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CHURCH SPIRITS....................are churches haunted?

 Can a church be haunted? Most would say no, because of the way we tend to view spirits. We are conditioned to believe that spirits that hang out on the earth plane, are evil or displaced to refusing to do some kind of imagined and necessary “cross over” to some specific place our belief systems designate. If they don’t they must be up to no good. That is how we view spirits. This is imprinted on us by mother culture, the church itself in some cases, and media. The spirits in the movies are usually horrible and scary and out to cause chaos. In reality this is far from the truth. Most churches are haunted if you go by what society considers to be a haunting. Spirit presence does not constitute a haunting. Spirits are everywhere and usually do things for their own benefit; more so than to interact with incarnate humans. The creator gives us free will in this life and the next as well. That means spirits can go where they please, when they please just as we can.

A church is a place where people gather to worship the creator. It’s a place where they talk about life, morality, troubled times, atonement and many other spiritually related things. At churches people call upon the “Higher power” whoever they deem that to be, with their prayers. In some churches they call upon Saints and angels as well. Whatever the case, a call of sorts is always being made from a place of worship, whether it is a church, a synagogue, a temple etc. Calls made to the other world, the spirit world,” God’s world “are heard and not just by the Powers that be, but also by spirits in the next realm. This may be one reason that churches seem to attract spirits or as some call them “ghosts.” There is always a tremendous energy residual at these places because of the cone of power that living people raise, when they are offering up intense prayer or meditation and are emotionally charged. This energy builds up and remains for a time inside these buildings. This energy also attracts spirits as it serves as a link to their human existence and the passion that goes along with it.

When people gather to worship or bond together it also serves as a comfort to the spirit world as well, as they are very much concerned with what still goes on here. “As above, so below.” I have heard from more than one preacher, Rabbi etc. that during a service they were suddenly derailed from their planned topic by some divine inspiration or inner voice and moved to speak on an entirely different issue or topic. It was as if someone channeled that message to them and through them. This is another reason that spirits, even higher spirits often frequent a church or temple. It is a place where they can send messages for our welfare and spiritual progress. For all of these reasons mentioned so far, churches are a popular stop over for spirits. Whether it is a former pastor who loved his church and his congregation that keeps watch over his flock still, or a visiting spirit relative come to attend a wedding, funeral, or christening, human spirits abound in places of worship.

Churches are often a place where people felt safe in this life or found some kind of peace or solace and they maintain that energy so is it so surprising that a human spirit might also still like to stop in to breathe in that comforting and soothing energy? They are not there to haunt or scare people, or to try and undermine people with some imaginary devil’s agenda. They are there for the same reasons they always went there. This is why most churches have their share of spirits and paranormal activity. But then again isn’t interaction with an invisible God and his angels, also a paranormal activity? Spirits are as natural of a presence in this world as those still in the flesh and as the Holy spirits that we worship. Not everywhere that spirits dwell is spooky or haunted, we may just perceive it that way due to conditioned thinking, and the fear it instills. For spirits like the rest of us the church is a serene place of peace and quiet in the off hours. What better place for s spirit seeking a peaceful rest to go. God Bless us all, everyone on this side and the other.