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The spook lights of Anclote…

What are the Anclote spook lights and where have they been seen? Well they have been seen by several people over the years and appear in different ways. A couple saw a blue colored light orb the size of a VW bug moving through the woods outside of Anclote cemetery one evening at about midnight back in 1986. They were stunned. The light ball moved fast about four feet off the ground.

Some lights are seen in the late hours in the same location hovering about 10 feet over the ground and sometimes pulsate before winking out or moving away. These lights are usually a bluish white. One witness said he saw the light through the window and it flew right at the window as if it noticed him. A small green light that opens out and then closes up is seen outside occasionally. Small lights reminiscent of the willow wisp lights of folklore have been seen in the woods.

Sometimes the lights are seen inside. Small colored lights that danced like fairies were seen over a child’s bed in Key Vista. Flying balls of light the size of a softball have flown through people’s living rooms and back out again thought a closed screen door. Five witnesses saw this. Many have taken photos of them as well.

Luminous forms sometimes in the shape of people, are rarely but sometimes seen in the woods, near the cemetery and even on Anclote blvd. These forms move very rapidly and either a zig, zag fashion, as if teleporting back and forth or run at speeds that can keep up with a car moving 45 miles an hour, in one instance. These person shaped light anomalies are usually a bluish white in color or a phosphorescent kind of blue light. There was even a glowing white animal form seen by some people walking at night near the cemetery.

Over the years these anomalies have been seen by many residents or visitors to this area. If you have seen them please share your experience with us as we are doing an in depth study on this phenomenon in this area. Send your story to [email protected] or call us at the number at this website. Thanks for your time.