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ALL FOR RESEARCH...NONE FOR RESOLUTION This is for the para community.

After many years of endless calls from people out of state with a haunting problem that can not find competent help, I am more aware than ever that actual "help", beyond just some team who comes in to capture some ghost evidence, is hard to find. There are thousands of research teams out there, all eager to get a big case or any case at all for that matter. They all claim they can help when in reality; they have no clue how to deliver on that promise. All they do is try to get evidence and then beat feet out the door, sometimes making matters even worse for the family if they are being tormented by an evil spirit. I have seen haunted people go through "four "paranormal teams who all pretty much did the same thing. They came in, got their evidence and then faded into the sunset. This leaves the client with no closure or resolution whatsoever.

 Just where along the line of paranormal research do we start researching more than just evidence? Where do we start researching resolution to actually be of help with haunts, especially hostile hauntings, for people who are desperate and living in a nightmare? Why isn't anyone focusing on that? I have been for 36 years and a few others have as well, but we are few and far between. We are not always able to disperse with a bad haunt, but at least we have some tried and true methods we have used in the past, and are willing to try. We keep trying and studying ways to deal with bad haunts, to help the people involved. We also can resolve through spirit communication, some haunts which are being perpetuated for an important reason where communication is necessary between the living and the dead. The "Evidence" does not come first and foremost with us, concern for the client, and at times the spirit does. Resolution teams are so few that they cannot get to people who really have problems because of distance, time and money.

Just about every website I see says "Haunted, we can help" but that help consists of gathering evidence to prove the haunt. Some say they have a medium or other person who can help but that has not panned out for many clients I have spoken with. A medium is a good asset to a team but not all mediums; in fact few mediums can act as a spirit chaser. Add to that the fact that many people who claim to be mediums are not mediums. In the case of a hostile haunting some call their clergyman. Most clergymen do not take a claim of a haunting seriously and therefore they fail a lot of the time in their attempts to rid homes of spirits. This is because they do a house blessing to appease the family figuring it is all in their heads. You cannot help with something you do not acknowledge to exist or understand in any way. Haunt resolution is not always easy, sometimes it is impossible. But there are many ways and things that can be done to try and help and a lot of the time they work. It is a complex thing and different cases require different approaches and different actions or remedies.

There are numerous cases, every year that are out of state, that I could not find someone to help with. It is frustrating for me and for the clients. I am writing this article to encourage those in the field to try and learn more about resolution. You can do this by talking to those who do resolution, and by reading books and going outside of your scientific or religious box for answers. Resolution is always done by communication and a lot can be learned and achieved by that process. We don't need any more paranormal research teams; there are two or three in every city nowadays. We need resolution people, which requires a greater dedication and a greater effort than just gathering evidence. People who do resolution have to stay with a case longer and really be determined to win the day. It may take a year to rid a place of a bad haunt, but even then the family does finally find relief and the feeling you get when you finally are able to stop the haunt, and see the relief on the people's faces, is worth more than any great photo or evp.

  I know everyone is probably sick of my rant about this. The teams involved with the Virginia case are also probably pissed ,but I did not mention their names here. The thing is...Hostile haunts do happen and they are as real and as damaging to people as common things, that we all recognise like substance abuse, and as devastating as some diseases can be. Because hostile haunts are not as common as these other things we do not dedicate much time or effort into finding a cure, so to speak, for this kind of thing. Sometimes disease and substance abuse are related to cases like this, as the people involved are effected in ways that you would never dream of. Many people have been labeled schizophrenic because they experienced things that medical science does not acknowledge as real or possible. They are medicated and their lives are wrecked by something that no one wants to admit is possible. I worked a case and got many evps of the voices the supposed schizophrenic person heard every night. So is the man really crazy, or really haunted?

 Most mediums and sensitives would be labeled crazy by the medical profession. Maybe some are but not all are crazy, and sometimes these sensitive people serve as a great help to others who have a bad haunt to deal with. Some of the greatest minds in history believed in spirit activity and spirit influence on the living. Were they all crazy, eccentric and out there? I don't think so! Most spirits are not out to hurt us or torment us, but only to communicate, for whatever reason. But there are those who have an agenda that is not benevolent and is only self serving. The average person has no clue how to deal with that kind of an attack, or emotionally disturbing visitation. The paranormal field has a responsibility to address that aspect of the field, and in my opinion it seems very low on the priority list among researchers. This needs to change, as the more we delve into this field, the more doors we open intentionally or accidently, the more these kinds of haunts are going to be popping up. They have been on the increase for three years now and things will get worse. We will be seeing more and more of these kinds of cases as a result of our own dabbling with the other side. Everyone and their brother is getting a tape recorder and trying to talk to spirits as they see so much on TV, and this opens doors just as well as any Ouija board, maybe even better than the old boards did. Everyone wants to try their hand at paranormal investigating. This also is going to up the chances of more hostile cases arising, as more and more people come face to face with the not so nice species of what they are seeking . Even benevolent spirits are getting fed up with the constant harassment and intrusion into their dwelling places and getting hostile towards the annoying and shallow ghost hunters. This makes for haunting as well, when these otherwise peaceful spirits get mad and decide to teach someone a lesson about harassing the dead and being irreverent. We need to get on the stick here people. It can't be all about evidence, and thrill seeking.